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Luxurious Anti-Ageing & Repairing Creamy Cleanser


What it is: A super brightening wake up call for the skin, this intensive daily cleanser contains a complex combination of active Anti-Ageing Peptides, Vitamin C, Oxygen Complex, and crushed precious stone Toumalia to super deeply cleanse, brighten and create a dewy fresh smoother skin.


Why you’ll love it: Rich and Luxurious in formulation with a bewitching blend of Sweet Orange, Geranium, Santal and Grapefruit, you’ll see instantly brighter and more hydrated skin, without stripping it of it’s natural oils & hydration. Wipe Away The Years is also packed with anti-ageing active ingredients and peptides, giving you natural fresh & youthful glow!


How to Use:


Gently message a small amount of lotion onto dry skin using circular movements, then wipe away with a damp cotton pad or face cloth, including the removal of eye makeup. Repeat morning and evening for perfectly cleansed and revitalised skin. For best results, use as part of your daily skincare routine.


Key Ingredients:

  • Matrixyl – Skin Repairing Pepitude improving skin laxity
  • Bio Peptide CL – Stimulate Collagen Reproduction
  • Oxygen Complex – Cell Regenerating & Revitalising
  • Norgel – Long Term Hydration
  • Essential Oil Complex – Restructuring Skin
  • Tourmalia – Stimulates Microcirculation within the skin

Crystal Clear - Wipe Away the Years Cleansing Milk

SKU: 3642153761351104
  • 200ml

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